4 points for the perforated brake disks

High efficiency, safety and an attractive and sportive look are the main advantages of the perforated brake disks.brake disks

Better friction.
Compared to the standard brake disks, the perforated ones provide better friction, response and efficiency of the whole braking system due to the higher coefficient of friction. Their advantages are most clearly apparent at an early phase of braking.
Attractive and sportive look.
The perforated brake disks make the car more attractive and add the hints of sportiness. So, the car will not go unnoticed.
Advantages on the wet road.
The holes prevent the emergence of the layer of water that can cover the friction surface.

<>Better dissipation of heat and gas.Braking with the standard brake disk can cause the very rapid temperature rise. High temperatures lead to the “burning” of the components of toyota rav4 headlights and brake pad friction mixture, releasing the gases that act as “bearing”. Such gases reduce the efficiency of the braking system. In their turn, the wheel holes help to divert the gas from the point of contact between the pads and the disk and dissipate the heat.

Requirements to engine oil.

oilMotor oil must have high lubricity and thereby ensure the maximum reduction of friction and wear reduction;

An important function of engine oil is the ability to clean the engine from wear debris, soot and other oil insoluble particles. For this purpose, special additives are added to motor oil which envelop the dirt particles and prevent them from sticking together in large clumps. Contaminations in engine oil are in a suspended state, allowing them to freely fall into the oil filter and settle on its filter element;

The engine water vapor is always present inside, which condensing on the metal surface cause corrosion. Protection against corrosion – another important function of engine oil;
Due to the fact that the fuel contains sulfur, acid is formed during the combustion. Engine oil is also responsible for neutralization of this acid.

Cars conditioners Operation activity

In recent years, it is very hard to imagine a modern car that is not equipped with air staff -conditioner. This device is designed for climate control in the car compartment and provides additional comfort to driver and passengers.

The term of trouble-free operation, first of all, you must learn how to use the air conditioner.

Cars conditioners

To do this, remember a few simple rules.

  • Before starting cooling system the vehicle interior must be ventilated for a couple of minutes.
  • Operating the air conditioner, make sure that windows, hatches and doors are closed tightly.
  • Carry out periodic inspection of all components and assemblies of air conditioning on rust, oil stains or any mechanical damage.
  • Change your air filter and spend radiator cleaning regularly.
  • At least once a year visit the service center, carry out diagnostics of the air conditioner, check and if it is necessary, refill the air conditioner by refreezable gel-type packet.

Cooling fluid (antifreeze)

Together with the motor oil and fluid, antifreeze is one of the most important car liquids, providing operation of the engine. The good antifreeze keeps the engine temperature to optimize all processes.

In fact, antifreeze is a component of cooling fluid, poured in the cooling system.


Why do we need the cooling system?

The first function is understandable without explanations: to cool the working engine to the acceptable temperature, at which both the motor oil and the metal work wear as little as possible.

The second task of the cooling system is the help in the heating of engine from the very start. The work¨on a cold¨ doesn’t benefit the engine, and the cooling fluid, circulating in its shirt, helps to heat all the parts of engine to the necessary temperature (about 80-90 Celsium degrees) quickly and evenly. The thermostat helps the automatic adjustment: unless the temperature in the cooling system reaches the necessary level, the antifreeze won´t cool down. In the winter season the car compartment is heated with an excessive engine heat: antifreeze goes to the oven radiator and heats the passengers.

Features of tires Bridgestone

Features of tires Bridgestone.

The founder of the Bridgestone brand is a talented Japanese businessman Shojiro Ishibashi, who published in 1930 his first tire, and Bridgestone company was founded in 1931. The company in high rates has developed in the 50s of the last century. At the same time, it is in the list of the world’s leading tire manufacturers. The company’s motto is “Always strive for excellence.” Laboratory technicians and engineers are constantly working in the research centers of the company to improve the quality of the rubber compound used in the production. The Bridgestone tires, having high production characteristics, as well as the undisputed consumer qualities, provide safety and comfort during the driving on off-road vehicles, passenger cars and sports cars.

tires Bridgestone

Summer tires Bridgestone are characterized by high-quality grip on dry and wet road surfaces, as well as reducing of fuel consumption, because the rolling resistance have been reduced. Therefore, the summer tires Bridgestone are hi-tech.

During the creation of a winter tires Bridgestone all technological innovations are used. Reliable grip with wet asphalt, ice, deep snow is one of the many advantages of these tires.

The company manufactures tires in the following versions: Comfort, Sport, Premium, which allows any car owner “to put on” his car in the high-quality and reliable Bridgestone tires.

Cleaning of saloon

Cleaning of saloon.

Cleaning of saloon is a profound cleaning of all internal surfaces of the car and its luggage compartment with the use of special chemical detergents. And the first question, asked by the car owners before performing this procedure is: “Should I entrust the experts with this car or do it myself?”

Cleaning of saloon

As you may have guessed, the realization of saloon cleaning will be a few times cheaper than to take it to the service center or car wash. There the cleaning of saloon will depend on the degree of contamination and car class.
But on the other hand, saloon cleaning will take no more than at the car wash will take no more than 4 hours, and if you do it yourself, this process can last the whole day. Moreover, there is a high risk of damaging the leather cover or upholstery, as not all the car owners are the professionals in this area, in contrast to the staff of car washes and service centers.

The cost of cleaning can be increased if it is accompanied by the saloon dismantling. You can also order the cleaning of some certain (separate) details, for example, the dirtiest ones (seats, door upholstery, ceiling, trunk, etc.).

As for the detergents, saloon cleaning will be more efficient, if you use the professional chemistry. Such means are cheaper and are often sold in bottles that give an opportunity to buy a required amount for a single cleaning. It is desirable to make a full cleaning of car saloons once or twice a year.