Used 2007 Chevrolet Equinox – Review

2007 Chevrolet EquinoxLooking at a pre owned 2007 Chevrolet Equinox alti. All wheel drive Silver on late great port or 5 passengers. Power box 5 years Driver has a hard back and forth in the reclined lever. Tilt steering all. It’s full of the rockets. Audio controls on it and cruise control. These buttons right here control information, on the gauge cluster. Outside temperature gauge. Odometer trip. Cruising range indicator direct temperature monitoring system. Well life. Keep mission. Am FM satellite CD auxiliary. AC friends made defrost. Heated front seats to settings. Traction control. Part windows. Get your E break power outlet. Are much less open if storage couple is cut the bottom Nick let this completely up.

Power tilt and fighting sunroof has sunshade. Control sat overhead. It on star on your auditing review mere. 17 inch wheels keyless entry and remote start. Tinted windows. Roof rack. But we’re here to Lisa try. So this comes out and can be shelving. Then underneath that you’re going to find your spare tire. Give a cargo nets. Jack. Overhead you have handles. Storage partner controls. Pulled out Cup holders beneath it you find a power outlets. Pull down armrests the Cup holders. Overhead lighting halo 2007 Chevy Equinox headlight assembly. Maxine 6040 split for the down a recliner here in use the levers on the shoulder area. Thank mir’s controlled shot. Determining light, Fog lights engine block heater so much more. Subcomandante Alexis about into check out all of our pre owned inventory.

Alternator chevy venture

Alternator chevy ventureThank you to reverse today I was sure you have to put in a new alternator on it to does no one ship venture van easier way. Because the way Chevy tells you to do is use. They tell you you got a. Take apart your motor mounts. And take part you Paris then poem. Bush your engine up a little bit and pull sucker out. I found an easier way. Okay first off. One disconnect your. The battery terminal. Then. You want to disconnect the battery terminal here. For your alternator Okay then is another wire. Right here new. Pull that out okay.

I use a 5 beats. Ranch. And take apart. That ball right there. And right here. Okay than yous 2 bolts in the back. We get a niche and we and the back of the alternator. We back here. And you pull Egon loosen them. Okay than the one that’s. Right on look to the left of it is real tricky you’ll use like our adjustable and you can only turn up with so much.

So you be there for a little bit town loosen them bolts. Once you get among loosen. Okay you don’t pull this pull you off 5 eighths. Pops right out take off your bill now your alternate is free. Move alternator to the side a little bit. And right on the dole Nader there’s another bowl you take that off that’s will hold your your. Your bracket that holds alternator itself to the engine okay then his 3 bolts more down here.