High efficiency, safety and an attractive and sportive look are the main advantages of the perforated brake disks.brake disks

Better friction.
Compared to the standard brake disks, the perforated ones provide better friction, response and efficiency of the whole braking system due to the higher coefficient of friction. Their advantages are most clearly apparent at an early phase of braking.
Attractive and sportive look.
The perforated brake disks make the car more attractive and add the hints of sportiness. So, the car will not go unnoticed.
Advantages on the wet road.
The holes prevent the emergence of the layer of water that can cover the friction surface.

<>Better dissipation of heat and gas.Braking with the standard brake disk can cause the very rapid temperature rise. High temperatures lead to the “burning” of the components of toyota rav4 headlights and brake pad friction mixture, releasing the gases that act as “bearing”. Such gases reduce the efficiency of the braking system. In their turn, the wheel holes help to divert the gas from the point of contact between the pads and the disk and dissipate the heat.