Cleaning of saloon.

Cleaning of saloon is a profound cleaning of all internal surfaces of the car and its luggage compartment with the use of special chemical detergents. And the first question, asked by the car owners before performing this procedure is: “Should I entrust the experts with this car or do it myself?”

Cleaning of saloon

As you may have guessed, the realization of saloon cleaning will be a few times cheaper than to take it to the service center or car wash. There the cleaning of saloon will depend on the degree of contamination and car class.
But on the other hand, saloon cleaning will take no more than at the car wash will take no more than 4 hours, and if you do it yourself, this process can last the whole day. Moreover, there is a high risk of damaging the leather cover or upholstery, as not all the car owners are the professionals in this area, in contrast to the staff of car washes and service centers.

The cost of cleaning can be increased if it is accompanied by the saloon dismantling. You can also order the cleaning of some certain (separate) details, for example, the dirtiest ones (seats, door upholstery, ceiling, trunk, etc.).

As for the detergents, saloon cleaning will be more efficient, if you use the professional chemistry. Such means are cheaper and are often sold in bottles that give an opportunity to buy a required amount for a single cleaning. It is desirable to make a full cleaning of car saloons once or twice a year.