Together with the motor oil and fluid, antifreeze is one of the most important car liquids, providing operation of the engine. The good antifreeze keeps the engine temperature to optimize all processes.

In fact, antifreeze is a component of cooling fluid, poured in the cooling system.


Why do we need the cooling system?

The first function is understandable without explanations: to cool the working engine to the acceptable temperature, at which both the motor oil and the metal work wear as little as possible.

The second task of the cooling system is the help in the heating of engine from the very start. The work¨on a cold¨ doesn’t benefit the engine, and the cooling fluid, circulating in its shirt, helps to heat all the parts of engine to the necessary temperature (about 80-90 Celsium degrees) quickly and evenly. The thermostat helps the automatic adjustment: unless the temperature in the cooling system reaches the necessary level, the antifreeze won´t cool down. In the winter season the car compartment is heated with an excessive engine heat: antifreeze goes to the oven radiator and heats the passengers.