In recent years, it is very hard to imagine a modern car that is not equipped with air staff -conditioner. This device is designed for climate control in the car compartment and provides additional comfort to driver and passengers.

The term of trouble-free operation, first of all, you must learn how to use the air conditioner.

Cars conditioners

To do this, remember a few simple rules.

  • Before starting cooling system the vehicle interior must be ventilated for a couple of minutes.
  • Operating the air conditioner, make sure that windows, hatches and doors are closed tightly.
  • Carry out periodic inspection of all components and assemblies of air conditioning on rust, oil stains or any mechanical damage.
  • Change your air filter and spend radiator cleaning regularly.
  • At least once a year visit the service center, carry out diagnostics of the air conditioner, check and if it is necessary, refill the air conditioner by refreezable gel-type packet.