Features of tires Bridgestone.

The founder of the Bridgestone brand is a talented Japanese businessman Shojiro Ishibashi, who published in 1930 his first tire, and Bridgestone company was founded in 1931. The company in high rates has developed in the 50s of the last century. At the same time, it is in the list of the world’s leading tire manufacturers. The company’s motto is “Always strive for excellence.” Laboratory technicians and engineers are constantly working in the research centers of the company to improve the quality of the rubber compound used in the production. The Bridgestone tires, having high production characteristics, as well as the undisputed consumer qualities, provide safety and comfort during the driving on off-road vehicles, passenger cars and sports cars.

tires Bridgestone

Summer tires Bridgestone are characterized by high-quality grip on dry and wet road surfaces, as well as reducing of fuel consumption, because the rolling resistance have been reduced. Therefore, the summer tires Bridgestone are hi-tech.

During the creation of a winter tires Bridgestone all technological innovations are used. Reliable grip with wet asphalt, ice, deep snow is one of the many advantages of these tires.

The company manufactures tires in the following versions: Comfort, Sport, Premium, which allows any car owner “to put on” his car in the high-quality and reliable Bridgestone tires.